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The Kitty Ring

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Kite shape salt and pepper diamond measuring 5.65mm x 4.45mm, bezel set on a 1.7mm halo profile ring. Each diamond is individually bezel set mounted. The ring is made with 9ct white gold. All materials used are 100% sustainably sourced and are made in our UK based studio.

Style Editor’s Notes: Thought yellow gold was reigning high in the style stakes? Think again. At Rockin, our fingers are stacked with a mixture of metals and colours; white gold is the perfect way to cool down a layered look. Balancing out your yellow and rose golds with less ostentatious metals will help your look feel less bling, whilst mixing metals will help to create an uncontrived look.

Who doesn’t want effortless style?

Salt and Pepper is a celebration of difference and beauty. Our salt and pepper diamonds are as unique as their wearer. Their patternation is created by inclusions and imperfections creating a smoky and speckled effect.

Each stone has its own story, its journey has created stunning imperfections and beautiful flaws. Salt and Pepper have created a collection of jewelry designed to be worn, loved and taken on your own beautifully flawed paths. Jewellery designed by women, for women. Rebellious, beautiful and raw.

Salt and Pepper

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