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Camelia Necklace

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Camellia flowers symbolize love, affection, and admiration as well as being Coco Chanel's favourite flower. They have their own unique symbolism with their layer upon layer of luscious beautiful petals.

We have a glorious fuscia pink Camelia that every year I draw, paint and relish, so I tried to recreate these petal layers with 3 layers of solid gold, creating a beautiful, artistic 3D volume

Every piece of Lily Flo Jewellery is designed and made in our studio in London.

Lily Flo Jewellery is committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible manufacture of our products to ensure our code of conduct, which outlines strict standards of business behaviour.

Lily Flo diamonds are sourced through suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council's System of Warranties, preventing the distribution of conflict diamonds both in rough, cut and polished stones. Our gemstone and diamond suppliers are also compliant with United Nations resolutions.

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