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Inspired by the delicate beauty of new spring growth, each necklace is unique. Crocheted by hand and set with over 18 freshwater pearls, every piece is a one off. The golden buds set off the creamy soft glow of the pearls and the silver picks up the light. The fine silver is whiter than sterling, so as it twists and turns to make the bud casing, it catches the light, bouncing it around the pearl, enhancing the pearl's natural glow. The second largest necklace in the range, it is made up of over 32 hand crocheted tiny bud casings, over 18 freshwater pearls with a sterling silver catch and chain. Each creamy potato pearl is 5mm, with a total drop length equivalent to an 18" chain. Pearl necklaces are a wonderful choice for bridal jewellery, and as the Baya Collection is all designed to mix and match, the whole bridal party can co-ordinate without matching. Perhaps the bride chooses the Vine Pearl Necklace to make a real statement with her wedding jewellery, and gifts the bridesmaids with silver or gold pearl studs and a single pearl pendant. It lends cohesion to the aesthetic of the day, without being too matching, and gives those extra special people a gift they can wear again and again. Pearls are a classic, they never go out of style.


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